Latest Manifestos

  • Year 5M/H at Carr Junior School

    Buildout - create safe crossing space for Ostman Road

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  • Year 5S/H at Carr Junior School

    Positive parking spaces used to indicated safe/responsible parking along Ostman Road

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  • Y3/4 SA - Heslington Lane junction with Fulfordgate at St. Oswald's CE Primary School

    Buildouts to allow pupils to see around parked cars and cross safely

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Be part of something BIG!

We have a new edition of our Big Street Survey, an exciting curriculum resource enabling pupils to investigate the area around their school and create a manifesto on how to make their streets safer and greener.

More activities, more resources and even more fun.

Working both inside and outside the classroom, pupils explore what they like and dislike about their neighbourhood, before using their manifesto to lobby decision-makers and elected representatives at national and local level to make their changes happen.