Manifesto by Y3/4 LB - St. Oswald's car park at St. Oswald's CE Primary School

  • 1 Positive parking spaces – coloured spaces to indicate/guide where to park safely and considerately
  • 2 Children/community artwork around the car park
  • 3 Paint/thermoplastics – on different areas of the car park space to change the look and feel of the environment
  • 4 Signs by children – to welcome to the space and indicate this is a place to use considerately/safely
  • 5 Benches and seating for parents and families to use/rest/chat

Manifestos by Nearest Schools

Year 5S/H at Carr Junior School

Positive parking spaces used to indicated safe/responsible parking along Ostman Road

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5W at Driffield Junior School

The junior and senior school to stagger arriving and leaving times.

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Christ the King Catholic Primary School

Cycle paths so that pedestrians are not in danger from bikes.

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